Must’ve been a teleprompter typo

The McClatchy package moves us into the realm of pathetic duplicity.

The plan for Friday night was to do a quick scan through the internets before settling in for some Sweet 16 action (Gonzaga & Syracuse–tough loss for the Zags). My last stop was the local news repository to divine the future of the aquatic center and the upcoming referendum on property taxes. But scrolling down the page my eye caught sight of a video caption “North Carolina is not the only state restricting LGBT rights”.

 The piece turns out to be a McClatchy feature–The Buzz with Buzz–with this particular installment surveying the latest fronts in the battle for “civil rights.” There’s really not much to say about the video. If you’re even minimally informed about the issue in NC you know by the title that the report is going to be slanted.

Even so I was surprised by what I saw and heard when it came to Georgia’s honorable mention for HB 757. I recently pointed out how ridiculous the opposition and protest appears when you actually read what the bill says. But the McClatchy package moves us into the realm of pathetic duplicity.

You can watch the video for yourself but I can save you some time by providing a screen shot with the accompanying transcript from the talking head. Keep in mind that the screen text and statement are happening simultaneously. You are literally reading one thing while hearing another:

McClatchy HB757

We see it in Georgia which has got a pending law about the rights, the religious liberty of businesses not to help or serve gay weddings…

Stay classy, McClatchy.

Author: Jonathan P. Merritt

Happily married father of six. Lead pastor at Edgewood Baptist Church (Columbus, GA). Good-natured contrarian, theological Luddite, and long-suffering Atlanta Falcons fan. A student of one book.

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