Horrible pride veiled in great humility

While this quote from John Flavel (1628-1691) speaks of coming to Christ in conversion, I wonder if there might also be some application to the Christian who needs to repent of ongoing sin:

I pity many poor souls upon this account, who stand off from Christ, dare not believe because they want such and such qualifications to fit them for Christ. O saith one, could I find such brokenness of heart for sin, so much reformation and power over corruptions, then I could come to Christ; the meaning of which is this, if I could bring a price in my hand to purchase him, then I should be encouraged to go unto him. Here now lies horrible pride covered over with a veil of great humility: Poor sinner, either come naked and empty-handed (Isa 55:1; Rom 4:5), or expect a repulse.

-John Flavel, England’s Duty

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